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How to Claim Car Accident Compensation After a Road Accident

Accidents can occur on the road as much as anywhere else. Besides the initial shock, the costs of these accidents can drastically build up. Lost work hours and certain medical costs, as well as the costs of repairing any damage suffered to your vehicle itself, can set you back.
However, if the accident was not your fault then compensation is often available to help cover the costs. There are legal steps that can be taken to assure that the party held responsible for the incident pays the damages. This is done by making an accident claim, commonly ending with an investigation into the incident to determine which party was held responsible. The claim is then paid out by the insurance company behind the party found responsible.
After an Accident
Of course, there are many things you can do to help this in the unfortunate event of such an accident. The first and most important step is to get in touch with your insurance company. Keeping your insurance company accurately informed will allow them to help you as best they can.
To achieve this, it is also practical to have as much information regarding the incident as possible. Bystanders and any other potential witnesses will be a plus, being able to give credit to your account and assure that you are not responsible.
Additionally, the type and severity of the injury will often be used to determine the amount you can claim. Even the smallest incidents can cause various levels of physical and emotional pain. Some of the most common injuries from car accidents include whiplash, which is caused by the effect of the impact on the body and neck.
Vehicle and Personal Medical Attention
Medical attention is important, as soon as possible after the event. In addition to making sure you are healthy, seeking medical attention will prove an accurate account and report of the injuries that you sustained. The nature of the injuries will also affect the amount of compensation you are owed, so it is important to have sound medical reports detailing your injuries.
Likewise, if your vehicle sustained damage, getting it checked over is a priority. Before getting the car repaired, it is important to have an expert make a note of the damage sustained. Photographs also provide visual evidence in case it is ever required.
If police are involved, then a police report will provide similar findings and benefits. Similar to your medical needs, the closer to the time of the incident this is done, the better it will serve you as a reliable account. Similar to medical injuries, the extent of damage inflicted on your vehicle will contribute to the amount of compensation given from the opposing party.
These cases can be settled out of court, but there is always the possibility that it will not; this is where having a lawyer on your side will really benefit. A no win no fee clause often means that you will not have to spend more expenses if you lose, as well as offering the advice

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Cops: Woman battled officers after leaving crash scene

A 38-year-old Fairfield woman faces charges after police said she left the scene of an accident and then kicked and spit at police officers attempting to take her into custody just after midnight Sunday morning.
Holly Bittman struck another car in rear and fled the scene to her Mona Terrace home, followed by the driver of the car she struck, police said. When the other driver pulled up to Bittman’s house, he said she began to scream and yell and threaten him and pound on the hood of his car, prompting him to call 911, according to the report.
Bittman told police it was the other driver who had threatened her, police said.
When officers asked Bittman if she’d been in an accident, she replied that she might have been. She allegedly told one officer to leave, and then invited another officer into her house for drinks, according to the report. It’s also alleged that Bittman hit an officer in the chest with an open hand, and was belligerent and uncooperative.
After she was placed in the back seat of the patrol car, the report stated that she began kicking at the windows. An officer opened the patrol car door, and Bittman then kicked him in the chest with the heel of her boot, he said. She also spat at two officers, according to the report.
During processing at police headquarters, Bittman refused to take off her jewelry as requested and tried to grab her watch back from police, according to the report.
Bittman was charged with assault on a police officer, interfering with a police officer, breach of peace and evading responsibility. She was initially given a $2,500 bond, but the bail commissioner reduced it to a promise to appear March 14 in Bridgeport Superior Court.