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Accident Checklist | Personal Injury Attorneys

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Accident Checklist | Personal Injury Attorneys

ACCIDENT CHECKLIST More than six million drivers get into auto accidents that injure three million people annually. Driver speeding, large SUV’s, and inattention because of car and cell phones contribute to the problem. A serious injury can affect your work and your family’s lives for a long time.personal injury law

Here are ten specific and immediate steps to take if you are in an auto accident:

1. Try to remain calm and thoughtful.
2. If you are injured, stay in your car – unless it’s dangerous to do so.
3. Wait for the police and medical help.
4. Inform the police about the accident for the official report.
5. Record all witnesses’ names, addresses, and phone numbers.
6. Confirm whether you were wearing your seat belt, which is the law in most jurisdictions.
7. In you are injured, insist on being transported to a hospital in an ambulance.
8. In all instances, obtain medical treatment immediately. Tell medical personnel about everything that you may feel may be physically wrong.
9. Refrain from taking legal referrals at hospitals.
10. Do not talk to insurance representatives until you contact a lawyer.
11. If you have questions, please call our office.

The “Golden Hour”

It’s often said that drivers have one “Golden Hour” after being involved in an automobile accident to gather all relevant information and protect their rights. After an hour, cars may be moved, the driver may not recall importance details, and the witnesses may leave. accident attorneys

1. If you or anyone else in injured, get medical help right away.
2. Call our office as soon as you can. We’ll advise you on what to do.
3. Do not admit to any wrongdoing or sign any documents.

You should also:
1. Write down the names and addresses of witnesses
2. Call the police and ask for a written accident report
3. Try not to move cars until the police arrive, unless the cars impede traffic
4. Ask for the other driver’s names, addresses, and insurance information
5. Write down all cars’ tag numbers
6. Advise your insurance carrier
7. If possible, return and photograph damage, skid marks, and other relevant images.


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South Texas Bus Accidents – Personal Injury Lawyers

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South Texas Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can be very serious because the passengers are often thrown around inside of the bus and can collide with many different objects and surfaces. They are rarely minor affairs. For that reason, if you have been the victim of a bus accident and have suffered serious injuries, you need to contact an South Texas bus accident Lawyer.
Liability issues in bus accidents are extremely complicated because buses are often owned by government entities. You will need a personal injury South Texas Lawyer to handle the case. Other buses are owned by private companies, schools and tour operations.personal injury attorneys

Liability for bus accidents

Buses and their owners are liable for personal injuries to passengers, so your South Texas accident attorney will file a suit against the bus company to get you the compensation that you deserve. If the bus is owned by a private company, the accident is usually considered to be the driver’s fault.
If the bus is owned by a government entity, however, then the government may grant immunity to a bus driver. That means that the bus itself will have to be found liable for personal injuries. That can involve questioning the vehicle’s maintenance and safety record.

Bus accident causes

Bus accidents can be caused by driver negligence, speeding, poor maintenance, dangerous roadways, faulty emergency exits and driver error. An South Texas bus accident South Texaswyer will work hard to make sure that the victims are compensated for their injuries and losses, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and emotional distress. In extreme cases, personal injury South Texas lawyers win compensation for wrongful deaths.

What to do after a bus accident

To give your South Texas accident case the best chance at success, follow these steps:
Visit a doctor, even if you feel “okay.” You might discover that you have internal injuries that will not reveal themselves until South Texaster. Bus accidents often involve an impact with a seat, another person or the roof and floor of the bus, perfect conditions for internal injuries. Have the doctor file each medical evaluation of your injuries. Your South Texaswyer can use these evaluations to argue for your proper compensation.personal injury attorneys
Don’t talk to anyone about the accident other than the South Texas law enforcement officers.
Contact an experienced South Texas bus accident lawyer who will decide how to proceed and which law suits should be filed. This should be done quickly because government-reSouth
Texas accident cases have short time limits for filing a law suit South Texas.
Record as much information as possible at the accident scene. Get the contact information for people involved in the accident and any witnesses. Make a copy of the information to hand off to your South Texaswyer for further investigation.

Do not sign any papers presented to you by any parties other than your Lawyer, including any insurance companies. This will protect you and eliminate complications in the South process.
Contact a bus accident attorney for a free consultation if you have been the victim in an accident. Get the compensation that you deserve through the assistance of an excellent personal injury South Texaswyer in Los Angeles. Bus accidents are no fun and can become complicated affairs. Get the help you need to win your legal battles.

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Have you been injured at you Office

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Have you been injured at you Office

Why is it necessary to result in the right choice after an office or workplace accident? Oftentimes, people can’t remember what really took place in an accident after it occurs. It has been noted for so long that individuals tend to forget details about the accident that’s extremely important 30 to 60 days after it happened. Therefore, it is a good choice to see having a personal injury attorney San Antonio after the accident.workplace accident

Hiring an investigator to help you collect information would be also the best thing to complete. You can be certain that the insurance company may have their very own investigator to research the accident on their behalf. They’re trying to get themselves in a better ground than only you have made sure that you do your personal investigation as well. Via a recognized, the injured individual will be captured inside a lesser placement.

Personal Injury Lawyer San Antonio

Apart from proof and also the preservation of proof, statute of limitations is also important. This is a very obvious move to make but people should understand that what this really leads to if for them to be able to get all of the necessary requirements needed for situation before when they still could. You should know what these limitations are and then act in your situation immediately while you still have the chance.personal injury law

There may also be additional requirements that you will be asked to comply because the situation advances and you have to pay focus on them also. The updates may vary as time goes by and you’ll have to make sure that they comply with the statutes. As such, you need to be sure you’re on the right track and focus on complying with the requirements immediately.

Such cases can be challenging to deal with or quality assistance from personal injury lawyer would be most credible. As such, you’ll have to do what you could to assist your attorney operate things out and offer your situation in the court if necessary to get the best results. For more information on personal Injury and how our Personal Injury Lawyers can Handle your case, click on the link

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A Mission Viejo Accident Attorney explains

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A Mission Viejo Accident Attorney explains

A Mission Viejo Accident Attorney explains how soon after an accident you should see a doctor. Also explained is why knowing this information is so important for your case.

When it comes to accidents, most of us just want to put them behind us, and move on. If we think we’re okay, medically speaking, we prefer to assume the best and get on with things. In an accident case that can be a mistake and here is why.personal injury attorneys

You Might Have a Claim

A Mission Viejo accident attorney sees all sorts of injuries after accidents but all of the injuries are not always obvious. Sometimes people walk away from accidents looking fine. Much later they realize that they’ve sustained internal injuries. In some cases they might be physically fine but unknowingly suffer from a psychological after effects such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

All of these things might entitle you to compensation – for both the actual costs of medical treatment and other compensation for your pain and suffering.

So When Should You See a Doctor?

Ideally, if you have been in an accident – ANY accident – you should see a doctor as soon as possible after the event occurs.

The doctor will be able to assess any immediate trauma, such as obvious injuries, but will also be able to ascertain whether there may be any hidden injuries involved. They can also refer you to other specialists – for instance therapists – who can assess other long term effects you may experience.

Why Is It Important?

When it comes to early assessment of actual injuries, long term residual medical problems and other effects of accidents, it’s important to see a doctor right away because it can affect the amount of damages you can claim. Very often, the damages awarded in personal injury cases cover not only the medical costs you have already paid, but also future medical costs.

That means, for instance, that if you have a physical or psychological condition that occurs as a result of your accident, and you will need life long treatment for it, you can be awarded an amount to cover those costs. This needs to be determined by a doctor and documented by a doctor as soon as possible after an accident.

An Example

Let’s look at an example of personal injury costs.

A woman is in a car accident that was not her fault. Her legs are fractured and her foot is crushed in the accident and she is taken to a hospital. During her stay, both of her broken legs are reset, and her foot is reconstructed.

The obvious costs or damages in this case would be the hospital stay, the medical bills associated with it and her pain and suffering.

However, when the woman leaves the hospital, she consults a personal injury attorney, who refers her to another doctor for a second opinion. During the examination, the doctor discovers that one of her legs is now half an inch shorter than the other.

Suddenly, the costs involved in living with the results of the accident spiral. The woman will face a lifetime of built up shoes, limping, and in all likelihood, pain from her leg. All of this was caused by the initial accident.

In short, what was a simple case has become a much larger one, where much more money is at stake. Through the work of a knowledgeable attorney and doctor the woman should get full financial compensation for all of her injuries.

Lawyer or Doctor First?

If you have been in an accident, the decision whether to visit a doctor or a lawyer first is may be made for you at the accident scene.

If you are seriously injured, chances are you will receive immediate medical attention without question. As soon as possible after that, however, you should visit an attorney who specializes in personal injury, for instance a Mission Viejo accident attorney.

The attorney will assess your case, and refer you to a doctor or doctors. These doctors are specially trained to diagnosis and treat all aspects of injuries received in accidents.

Always bear in mind, however, that an attorney, such as our Mission Viejo accident attorney is not going to cost you out of pocket money. Most accident and personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that they take a percentage of your settlement award. You do not have to pay hourly or other attorney fees. Everything is paid out of your settlement at the end of your case.personal injury accident lawyers

An Attorney Will Prevent the Violations of Time Limits you Don’t Know About

As with every area of the law, there is a statute of limitations on personal injury cases that limits the time in which you can put in a claim. These time limits are different for different types of accident injury cases. It you have a case in the Mission Viejo, California area it is best to check with a Mission Viejo accident attorney to find out which time limits apply to your particular type of personal injury case.

Even if you seem fine after an accident, or are trying to convince yourself you are, you may still have medical problems from the accident at a later date. In spite of this, you have to make any claims before time legal time limits expire or you might lose out on compensation that is due to you.

When you’re in an accident, you deserve compensation for all of the pain and trauma you suffer, and a Mission Viejo accident attorney, like the Law Offices of John P. Burns, can help you get it.

Free Additional Information On When To See A Doctor After An Accident

For more information on the topic of Compensation for Lost Earnings, please also feel free to download attorney John Burns’ free book at this link: 9 Mistakes that can ruin Your California Vehicle Accident Case. The book by Mr. Burns contains information on obtaining lost earnings which applies to both vehicle accident and non-vehicle accident cases.

If you have a case you would like to discuss, please feel free to call John Burns at 949-496-7000 or toll free at 877-320-1338. There is no charge to talk about your case or to answer your questions about your case. You can also e mail Mr. Burns at [email protected] to discuss your case, or visit the website

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